The AMI uses a 4.0 system to determine class rank.
Cumulative Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) and class rank are compiled through
number of terms in each school (Pre-School, Basic School, and College) and become the final G.P.A. and rank.
The Al-Mu’mineen Schools graduation requirement mandates that students receive a C or above  in order to receive credit. However, a grade of C will be strongly encouraged to retake the class. 

Grade  /  GPA  Scale

A      90-100 = A 4.0

B      80-89  = B 3.0

C      70-79  = C 2.0

D      60-69  = D 1.0

F      59 -00 = F 0.0


The high school transcript will be made available to colleges, employers, military, etc. only after a proper release form has been completed. This is a permanent record, and copies can be forwarded wherever requested. Parents must sign release forms prior to the student’s 18th birthday. After age 18, the student must sign the release form. Students will be charged N2,000 per copy after age 18. Graduates will be provided one copy of their transcript at no charge. Transcripts will not be released if there are unpaid fees or tuition. Student enrollment and attendance is an acceptance of annual tuition contract and terms. Teachers are hired based on student enrollment. All fees must be paid before students will be registered for an upcoming semester or records transferred. Graduating seniors must pay all fines and debts before being issued a cap and gown or a diploma. If a financial need exists, please let us know BEFORE the situation gets out of hand so that we can help. Parents will need to sign a release of records and  pay all outstanding fees when seeking scholarship opportunities in order for The Dinoff School to assist in financial aid.


The Al-Mu’mineen Institute (AMI) understands how difficult the transition from High School to higher education can be for both students and parents.

College Prep cannot begin too early!!!

Fourth (B4) and Fifth (B5) Graders at the AMI are all invited to participate in our Elementary School Talent Search that includes scouting from the Al-Mu’mineen Tertiary Preparatory  Centre (AMTPC).

 Next, AMI students take the EXPLORE test administered by the AMI Board here at our College. The EXPLORE tests were developed for 8th-grade (JSS2) students to measure educational achievement in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. Students may take the EXPLORE Test as early as the Fifth Grade (B5) if ready.

Our formal college counseling process will begin in the Eighth grade (JSS2).

Each child will receive individualized attention and assistance in building a Complete College Portfolio to include Community Volunteer Work, Exemplary Test Scores, along with as many Academic Honors and Accomplishments as possible.

Students and advisors will meet in large groups, small groups, and one-to-one sessions to assess student interests, discuss career goals, weigh the importance of factors such as location, cost, size, and extra-curricular activities, and gain a sense of the range of selectivity a student should have in mind in his or her research of High Education Institution.

College Counselors at the Al-Mu’mineen will help a student identify a group of Universities that meet the student’s needs academically and that will provide an appropriate environment for a student’s continuing personal and intellectual growth. We will do our very best to help students to see a match, and then continue to assist them throughout the application process.

Our goal is to help our students Attend the College of their Dreams – NOT just the ones in which they can gain acceptance.


It is the AMI’s intent to maintain and encourage high standards in the area of personal conduct. These standards include personal honesty, discipline and integrity. It is our belief that all students should complete their own work. It is required that any schoolwork turned in for credit is a result of the student’s own efforts.

Academic Dishonesty occurs any time a student turns in work that is not their own. Academic Dishonesty is unacceptable. It is also understood that students promoting academic dishonesty by supplying homework, papers, answers to test, to be copied or supplied, are also guilty of academic dishonesty. Specifically, students should be aware of the following information regarding academic dishonesty:

Plagiarism – By definition, this is considered the stealing or passing off of ideas using words of another as one’s own. Students are not permitted to use the thoughts, expressions or ideas of another individual and claim them as their own original work; instead they must credit the source of these examples in their finished product.
Collaboration – It is acceptable to work with others in the educational process; however, all students are expected to produce their own work. Teachers may also designate assignments where collaboration is not permissible. The copying of someone else’s work is never allowed.
Testing – The result of a quiz or test should represent the students’ own work. This work should be performed during the testing period without any unauthorized assistance. Specifically, this prohibits such behavior as looking at another student’s paper, or having inappropriate written material available for use. Conversation among students should never occur during a testing period.
Print and Electronic Sources – All information obtained from printed resources, books, magazines, etc. and any information that is available from electronic sources such as the Internet, digital encyclopedias, and electronic databases are considered the ideas and property of another. Thus, the direct copying or paraphrasing of these sources without giving credit is considered plagiarism and a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy -and grounds for dismissal.