We, at The AMI, realize that for many families, tuition costs are sacrificial and ,therefore, should be put to good use. We feel it is of the utmost importance that faculty and parents keep open lines of communication to ensure the best progress possible for each child.

Parents are encouraged to bring suggestions to our attention and to VISIT the school. We, at Al-Mu’mineen,  feel the true responsibility of educating our children revolves within a triangle of cooperation between student, teacher, and parent.

A mandatory parent/teacher conference is held in conjunction with the first two report card markings (designated dates are listed on the school calendar). All parents/guardians will be scheduled to conference with teachers during this time. Our goal is to continually keep parents informed of their children’s progress.

There should be absolutely no reason for a parent to be surprised about their child’s progress in school. Parents are also expected to contact the teacher/school if they have any questions or concerns.