Al-Mu’mineen Institute (AMI) is founded in Muharram, 1432 A.H. (January, 2011 A.C.) by Hussein K. Ibn Suleiman Al-Mu’miny with his wife, Dr Asmau A. Abdulhamid Al-Mu’minyya. He envisioned an institution of learning that would provide a premier education in both Islamic and academic subjects. This is to produce an individuals who excel in all areas, both in this world and hereafter.

The AMI represents a dual educational system, comprises of English Medium Studies Section (EMSS) and Arabic Medium Studies Section (AMSS).

The Institute has a unique mix of students from a wide variety of cultural and ethnic background allowing students to develop a better understanding and appreciation of the Islamic culture and the world’s multicultural society.

The Institute’s success in achieving its educational objectives is attributed to its network of experienced teachers. Its success can also be attributed to Its emphasis on effective learning through the small teacher/learner ratio and the caring (family-like) atmosphere in the school.

Our educational philosophy revolves around what I called “AQAE”.

A: Affordability

Q: Quality education

A: Accessibility

E: Ethical Based

   We believes that a solid academic education coupled with morals and values teachings is the greatest legacy for any student.


Our vision is to see a learned and prosperous society that adheres to the authentic teachings of Islam where members are ideal individuals and groups who please Allah (SWT) whole heartedly, live a successful and pure Islamic life in this world and aspire to attain eternal success in the hereafter.


AMI aspires to be a leading institution that provides quality education and authentic Islamic teachings based on the Qur’an and the prophetic tradition (Sunnah), as well as other acceptable relevant curricula for a well-balanced life, development and success.

Our mission is to provide a challenging academic program in an Islamic environment, preparing students for post-College Education, Career Readiness and Leadership Roles.

We are committed to the following:

  • Provide students with an environment that promotes Islamic values and their integration into all aspects of life;
  • Enable all students to reach their full potential and to become responsible and contributing members of both the Islamic community and the global society;
  • Maintain a high academic standards and promote life-long learning;
  • Offer a supportive environment that builds self-esteem and confidence;
  • Develop the power of independent reasoning and the discipline of hard work;
  • Encourage social responsibility and provide opportunities for leadership;
  • Maintain inclusive classes that will foster effective communication between teachers and students in an environment of shared Islamic practice, cultural diversity and mutual understanding and respect.
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